Todd Gurley says Rams are happy about the Seahawks’ dismantling

Not long ago, it was a fairly big deal when the Rams would beat the Seahawks. Rams running back Todd Gurley apparently thinks the pendulum has swung, in light of the rise of the Rams and the apparent decline of the Seahawks.

They found a place in Danville, Calif. It’s near a golf course—a plus given Jake’s avidity for golf. Gruden was planning on living in Pleasanton, where he’d been in his first stint with the Raiders, but wound up renting a house a few doors down after Guenther told him about the subdivision. Now the two carpool to work.

There’s still good players on that defense, but to be honest with you if you go over it, look at other defenses across the league, they’re not considered the top, the best, Harrison said of his old Patriots teammates. But they’re at the pinnacle, the Super Bowl, so the coaching is far superior.

In a separate FS1 interview, Harrison added that the coaching is better with Belichick, and that former Steelers coach Mike Tomlin needs to run a tighter ship, like Belichick. Harrison didn’t play in New England for long, but he was impressed with the coaching he got.

Rosa joins a lawsuit filed earlier this month against the Texans by five former cheerleaders. In the suit, they claimed that they weren’t paid for all of the hours they worked and were bullied and sexually harassed.

After the lawsuit was filed, the Texans released a statement saying, We have reviewed the complaints and look forward to vigorously defending ourselves against these allegations.

Cardinals G.M. suspended five weeks, fined $200,000

The Cardinals suspended General Manager Steve Keim five weeks and fined him $200,000 after he pleaded guilty to extreme DUI on Tuesday.

Keim will face no further discipline from the NFL, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN, as the Cardinals were in communication with the league before taking action.

The team will donate the fine money to the Arizona chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Keim is allowed no contact with the team and cannot enter team facilities during his suspension. He also is required to undergo counseling and evaluation, in addition to a DUI education course, before returning to work.

Keim also will participate in DUI awareness and education programs within the community.

Jeff Diamond: I remember thinking, even going into that game, God, Gary. You haven’t missed a kick all year, why don’t you just miss a kick in the last game of the regular season or something? Don’t carry that thing into the postseason.

He appeared in all 16 games last season, catching two passes for 17 yards.

Manhertz also has spent time in Buffalo and New Orleans.

How did Duke not do more this season? They look like an NBA team in these highlights. And Bagley’s just not fair. He’s too big and too smooth. My only critique of this clip—too many alley-oops. Would have liked to seen some more of his smooth jumper. Still, hard to believe he’s not a No. 1 overall pick because his highlights are impressive.

I had a hard time finding a season-long highlights because there is so much from DiVincenzo’s 31-point outburst in the national title game. But you really don’t need much more for the Villanova product. Also impressed by this high school clip I found—DiVincenzo wears long sleeves under his jersey in the Delaware state playoffs and somehow makes it work.